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As you might guess, custom work calls for custom pricing.  The vast majority of our sculptures are designed and produced to a client's specific needs and desires.  Having a set price list would ultimately be unfair for either the client or us.  Instead, we strive to create the perfect sculpture at the fairest price for all involved.  That said, the following price ranges for our more popular sculpture types are provided to give you a place to start when planning your event's budget.


Pricing includes: Design Service, Sculpture, Delivery Service (in SLC County, add-on for out-of-area delivery), and Set Service.


Centerpieces - $75 to $175

Bowls, Flower Vases, Serving Platters - $175 to $375

Single-Block Sculptures (24"-36" tall) - $475 to $975

Two-Block Sculptures (48" - 72" tall) - $875 to $1,275

Multi-Block Sculptures - a.q.

Ice Bars - 80" - $3,275 to $4,275, 120" - $4,275 to $5,275, Other Sizes - a.q.

Delivery Service - Salt Lake County - complimentary, Out-Of-Area - a.q.

Drain Tray/Light Rental - $175/day

Strike Service - $175 to $575 (based on size of installation)

Sales Tax - 7.45%

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